Airport thoughts

by Julie

A few months ago, I was sitting on an airport floor somewhere in South America, typing these lines on my Samsung note app… 

Travelling is wonderful but we hardly ever talk about the in betweens and what is going through our minds then. With all the time I spent at airports, I like to think it made me grow in a way…

“As we travel we often get answers to questions we didn’t even ask and those answers are not always the ones we would expect… 

Going back to the place I call “home”, when people ask me about where I’m from, in only a few days, and knowing I will not only carry coffee beans or dirty clothes with me, but all of these answers I found here and there as well, leaves me a little scared.

What you find out and finally think you know hiking a volcano, doing yoga on a beach or having drinks on a rooftop miles away from home can feel a bit more intimidating in your hometown.

Everyone talks about finding themselves, but what if you lose it all again at the airport?

It’s funny how I always wanted to know “why”, and how far I would go to search for these answers. Just to finally be sitting here, a black coffee in my hand and my backpack next to me,  thinking that maybe we simply never know. And that there is beauty in that too.

I’ve always been chasing the unknown, I’ve always found comfort in leaving, changing and creating. Leaving all I know hurts a little bit, but it’s a process I know damn well. Staying in one place, in one job, with one person – that was my kind of scary for years. So leaving is fine, but what about coming back?

Coming back to what felt like home but what I love way more when it’s miles away. A place where I know the streets and faces but where I feel like they don’t know me.

And here, on this airport floor, I think that maybe I was looking in all the wrong places. Or maybe I lived in the wrong place for too long.

There’s an announcement in Spanish and I change the gate. As I sit down again and look at my notes app, I smile. And breathe. Of all the things I found out and all the things I might know now – the main thing is, that we don’t know anything, but our questions are still interesting. They take us places. We’re boarding now.”

This is just a random traveller story, but maybe you can relate. I know some of you can. So please know, we’re all in this together and never stop exploring – the world, yourself and sometimes, please know, a random airport somewhere in the world can inspire you more than every dream beach ever could. 😉

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